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Golf Outing Beverage Options

We have made significant changes to our beverage options. We now have 3 different options:

1. Bring your own and use our Igloo coolers, ice and golf carts to distribute to your players. 2 CARTS MAX!

2. Buy from us. We charge $2.00 per item - domestic canned beer, Gatorade, water and canned soda. NOTE - WE WILL GIVE YOU WHAT YOU ASK FOR, BUT ONCE YOU HAVE IT WE WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS. YOU OWN IT.

3. Tickets. We will provide tickets to you. Each ticket costs you $1.00 and is worth $1.00 to purchase beverages at the FULL RETAIL PRICE. For example, if your guest wants to buy a Bud Light for $4.00, they would need 4 tickets.

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